Why Discuss Media?

With the coming few posts, I will be focusing on the discussion of media. I’ve already touched on the question “what is media?”, and I’ve discussed why it might not be an incredible idea to be “trendy” and forsake media altogether. But why should we discuss media at all?

Media is something that is entirely pervasive. It’s like the atmosphere we breath or the ground we walk on. It’s always there, and we barely ever consider its effect on every second of our daily routine. As such, it’s hard to see just how much it’s affected our behavior and the way we conduct our lives. It’s important to understand that “media” is not just “The Media” as we like to call it. It’s not some detached, nebulous entity that controls how we get our news and information. In many ways, “media” is just a word that describes the methods by which we understand and interact with the world and others within it. Fail to understand media, and you fail to understand a large percentage of human interactions – both interpersonal and between us and our environment.

Therefore, we should all take some time to understand what this thing called “media” is. We need to know how it works, and how we use it to interact with our world. Understand media, understand life.