Too Much Media?

These days, there are all sorts of concerns that our society is consuming way too much media. Is that true? Well, it all depends on what sort of society you’re trying to create/maintain. If you’re trying to keep the traditional, face-to-face kind of society, then… yes, we’re consuming WAY too much media. In fact, we’ve pretty much already irreparably destroyed that society, and only a massive social shift will get us back to that state. However, if we’re embracing change, and accepting the fact that society has always adapted and evolved to new technologies, then the question changes. No longer is it “are we consuming too much media,” but rather, “how should we adapt and live well in a media-saturated society?”

Some people thought that the telegraph would bring the end to civilization as we know it. Some people thought the same of the television. And now – in standard form – people are saying the same of the internet, social media, and the overabundance of media. However, the problem is the overabundance of media is already here. It’s already the norm of society, so we’re already beyond “too much.” This is how much media we ARE consuming – and we’re doing a decent job at adapting to the new norm, as humanity has done for every “earth-shattering” new technology.

Society may very well become tired with the overabundance of media, and we may very well revert to a more face-to-face society. But we may also continue in this course of action. If that’s the case, we need to learn to live with it, and we need to learn how to adapt to it and live well in this society. Hating on the media really only makes you an outcast, and creates a destructive us/them mentality that serves no-one. Media has massive power in our lives, and discrediting it wholesale is unwise at best. The pervasiveness of modern media is a stepping-stone like never before into the lives and daily routines of people all over the globe.