My Lego Builder Life

Those who know me know that a huge passion of mine is Lego. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been building with Lego bricks. For the majority of my life, a good deal of my free time (and a good deal of my money) was invested in the pursuit of this hobby. Up until middle school, I essentially built alone or with a small group of friends, but around 2006, I discovered the Lego online community. It was at this time that I finally began to photographically document my creations to share with the world. It was also at this time that I finally began to improve and come into my own as a Lego builder.

When I first started posting, my creations were usually simplistic hodgepodges of assorted parts and colors – certainly nothing to be  proud of. This trend persisted for some time, but I gradually learned from what I saw online and slowly improved.



My largest and most recent model – a space battleship!

In just a short period of time, my creations had jumped in quality – simply because I was motivated by the builders with skills far superior to my own.  I only improved up to the moment I graduated from high school, at which point I entered a phase of life that adult fans of Lego call the “dark ages”. The dark ages are any period of time where you’re separated from your Lego collection and can’t build on a regular basis. College was such a time, and it forced me to put off my bigger, more ambitious projects.

At the moment, I have some large, unfinished models just collecting dust, but hopefully in the near future I’ll be able to commit more time to Lego building and finally get some new models finished!