Media Reflections

In the beginning of all these media articles, in my article titled “What is Media?“, I discussed how “media” was essentially any form of communication that conveys a message in a distributable way. However, looking back on things, I failed to consider that media is not merely a message. Media can actually be a significant influence on the way we view the world. Our very worldviews are shaped by media. In my last media article, “Technophobia and Media Idolatry,” I discussed how the fear or love of media is actually very telling of how we view ourselves as human beings. Likewise, when considering the “mean world syndrome,” media can affect how we see the environment and our fellow man.

Media remains an all-pervasive force in our lives, but it is not limited to a simple message or “mere communication.” It actually has the power to shape how we live and act. And if we’re not careful, it might even end up controlling us.








Thumbnail image: Almonroth, Wikimedia Commons